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2023 Toyota Camry Review: A Closer Look at Design, Performance, and Features

The Toyota Camry has been a steadfast contender in the mid-size sedan market for decades, and the 2023 model continues to uphold its reputation for reliability and comfort. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the features, design, performance, and overall driving experience of the 2023 Toyota Camry.

Design and Trim Levels

The 2023 Toyota Camry offers a wide range of trims to cater to various preferences, and the focus of this review is on the SE Nightshade model. Exclusive to the SE trim, the Nightshade package brings a distinct and captivating aesthetic to the Camry lineup. Imagine the Camry dressed up as a superhero for Halloween – that's the vibe the Nightshade package exudes. The package includes a blacked-out grille, black rear spoiler, black side mirror caps, and darkened headlights and taillights. Complementing these dark elements are matte bronze aluminum wheels, creating a cohesive and striking appearance that sets the Nightshade apart.


Under the hood, the 2023 Camry offers a range of engine options, allowing drivers to tailor their driving experience to their preferences. The base engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder, generating 203 horsepower. For those seeking more power, the V6 engine delivers an impressive 301 horsepower. Additionally, the hybrid variant boasts a 208 horsepower engine, providing a greener and more fuel-efficient option. Front-wheel drive is available across most trims, with the exception of the V6, which can be paired with front-wheel drive only. The plethora of engine and drivetrain options might leave your head spinning, but fear not – a musical interlude might be required while digesting the extensive fuel economy figures.

Driving Experience

Driving the 2023 Camry is a consistently smooth experience, living up to its reputation as a comfortable and easy-going sedan. While it may not stand out in terms of ride quality, it also avoids any detracting elements. The hybrid variant brings an element of surprise in its acceleration, offering a satisfying giddy-up, especially in Sport mode. Although differences between the normal and Eco driving modes might not be striking, the lane centering assist shines as a smooth and subtle feature that enhances long drives, reducing driver fatigue.

Interior and Technology

The interior of the 2023 Camry strikes a balance between practicality and design. The placement of controls and features within arm's reach contributes to an intuitive and functional layout. However, the abundance of buttons might lead some to believe the interior feels slightly dated. The incorporation of creative storage spaces and attractive design elements, such as textured seats and appealing patterns, adds a touch of style to the cabin. Standard amenities across various trims include Dual Zone climate controls, power-adjusted front seats with lumbar support, and Bluetooth compatibility. As you ascend the trim ladder, you'll find upgrades like leather-trimmed seats, wireless charging, and even a 10-inch head-up display.

Safety and Pricing

Toyota places a strong emphasis on safety, evident from the standard inclusion of features such as pre-collision detection, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, and dynamic cruise control. Optional features like blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts enhance the overall safety package. The 2023 Camry comes in a range of colors to suit individual preferences, though the stereotype of white Camrys remains present.


Starting at around $26,300 (excluding destination charges), the 2023 Toyota Camry offers a variety of trims and options to accommodate different budgets and preferences. The SE Nightshade model, with its distinctive design package, comes in at approximately $28,800. All-wheel drive is available for an additional $1,400. Higher trims, such as the XLE and XSE, offer more premium features and start around $31,000 and $32,000, respectively. The hybrid variants begin at $28,400 and can reach up to $34,000 for the top-of-the-line XSE trim.


The 2023 Toyota Camry continues to stand as a solid choice in the mid-size sedan segment, offering a blend of design, performance, and features that cater to a diverse range of drivers. Whether you're drawn to the striking Nightshade appearance or the fuel efficiency of the hybrid variant, the Camry's consistent driving dynamics, comfortable interior, and comprehensive safety features make it a compelling option in today's automotive landscape. With its competitive pricing and enduring reputation, the Camry remains a worthy contender for those seeking a dependable and comfortable sedan.

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