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2023 Toyota Crown Review: Unconventional Blend of Sedan and SUV

The 2023 Toyota Crown is an unusual vehicle that attempts to blend the features of a full-size sedan and an SUV. It's positioned as a replacement for the Toyota Avalon, but with a raised ride height and SUV-like characteristics. The review transcript highlights several key aspects of the car, including its market positioning, powertrains, interior features, driving experience, and overall impression. Here's a breakdown of the evaluation:

Market Positioning and Design

The review starts by discussing the unique position of the 2023 Toyota Crown as a full-size sedan with SUV-like features. It's noted that the Crown is intended for those who want a sedan but with crossover qualities. The design elements, such as the higher ride height, lifted beltline, and SUV-inspired appearance, are highlighted.


The Crown offers two available four-cylinder hybrid powertrains. The base model comes with a 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder engine producing about 235 horsepower. The reviewer mentions that the base model's acceleration is adequate but not particularly fast. The higher trim, called the Crown Platinum, features a turbocharged hybrid four-cylinder engine with around 340 horsepower, achieving a 0-60 mph time of about 5.7 seconds.

Interior Features

The interior of the Crown is discussed, noting its near-luxury quality and well-laid-out materials. Some quirky features are mentioned, such as the unique gear selector mechanism, a vertical wireless phone charger, and a dual-access center console lid. The reviewer appreciates the intuitive center touchscreen but mentions it lacks some advanced features found in rival systems.

Back Seat and Cargo Area

The back seat is found to be roomy, especially in terms of legroom and knee room. Headroom is also decent despite the tapering roofline. Heated rear seats and a fold-down armrest with cup holders are noted. The trunk is praised for its size and accessibility, although the trunk release button's unusual placement is mentioned.

Driving Experience

The driving experience is described as comfortable, quiet, and luxurious. However, the reviewer finds the driving dynamics to be uninspiring and lacking excitement. The base model's power is deemed adequate for most driving scenarios, but it's not considered quick by modern standards.

Comparison to Rivals and Conclusion

The review compares the Crown to its potential rivals in the full-size sedan segment, noting that the segment has been dwindling as consumers increasingly opt for SUVs. Rivals like the Volkswagen Arteon and Nissan Maxima are briefly mentioned, but it's noted that many full-size sedans have been discontinued. The conclusion is that the Crown's unique position might not attract enough buyers to keep the full-size sedan market alive.

Doug Score

The review concludes by giving the Crown a "Doug Score" of 46 out of 100, positioning it as the lowest-scoring car in the reviewer's ranking. The Crown's shortcomings compared to other vehicles, especially crossovers, are emphasized.

Overall, the review highlights the uniqueness of the 2023 Toyota Crown's market positioning and design while noting its shortcomings, particularly in terms of driving excitement and competition from other vehicle types.

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