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2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget Campervan Review: Innovations, Comfort, and Connectivity

In recent years, the popularity of camper vans has surged, offering a convenient and versatile way to embark on short weekend getaways or extended journeys across Europe. The 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget Campervan is the latest addition to this trend, promising a host of innovative features and improvements that cater to both enthusiasts and newcomers to the campervan lifestyle.

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Exterior and Interior Design

The 2024 Nugget Campervan presents an appealing combination of contemporary design elements and functional features. The exterior boasts a sleek yet rugged appearance, aligning with the adventurous spirit of campervan travel. The innovative interior design is based on the Ford Nugget Neo interior, featuring a notably spacious layout.

One standout feature is the large 12-inch touchscreen, which serves as the central control hub for various functions. This touchscreen is not only visually impressive but also enhances user experience by making navigation and interaction with the camper's systems seamless.

Comfort and Convenience

The Nugget Campervan focuses on providing enhanced comfort and convenience for passengers. A notable improvement is the easy walk-through design made possible by the absence of a handbrake, allowing for unobstructed movement within the vehicle. The lower step and sliding rear seat contribute to a more accessible and comfortable environment, accommodating both passengers and pets.

The heated rear seat is a thoughtful addition, ensuring a cozy experience for travelers during colder periods. Charging points are strategically placed to keep devices powered, and integrated loudspeakers cater to rear passengers, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Innovative Features

The integration of the outdoor table into the side door is a clever space-saving solution. This design choice showcases attention to detail and a commitment to maximizing utility within the campervan's compact dimensions.

Camping Essentials

The campervan's tailgate reveals integrated camping seats, eliminating the need to find a place to store additional seating. This practical feature underscores the Nugget's commitment to providing functional solutions for campers.

Kitchen and Amenities

The kitchen remains a central feature of the Nugget Campervan, maintaining the layout and functionality that have made previous iterations popular. A new design feature is the larger drawer on the left side of the kitchen, offering increased storage space. The inclusion of a hot water system as a standard feature is a significant improvement, enhancing the convenience and comfort of life on the road.

Technological Advancements

The campervan introduces a range of technological advancements that enhance the overall driving and living experience. The double-sized touchscreen, which can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, empowers users to control various functions from their mobile devices. This level of connectivity aligns with modern expectations and enables users to personalize their environment effortlessly.

Roof and Power Options

The Nugget Campervan introduces a self-folding roof that simplifies the setup process. This feature will be especially appreciated by those who frequently engage with the roof's functionality. The inclusion of a 5G modem hotspot and solar panels further enhances the camper's self-sufficiency and connectivity options.

Future Innovations

A tantalizing glimpse into the future is offered through the announcement of electrified powertrain options. The prospect of a plug-in hybrid and all-wheel-drive configurations demonstrates Ford's commitment to adapting to evolving environmental and travel trends.


The 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget Campervan builds upon the established legacy of the Nugget series, bringing a host of improvements and innovations to the table. From its intuitive interior layout and connectivity options to its practical camping features and potential electrified powertrains, the Nugget Campervan demonstrates Ford's understanding of the evolving needs of camper van enthusiasts. Whether embarking on a short weekend adventure or a long European journey, this campervan appears poised to deliver comfort, convenience, and memorable experiences.

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