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2024 Mitsubishi XFC Review: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Competition, and Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the 2024 Mitsubishi XFC emerges as a contender. With the recent unveiling of its commercial iteration, born from the XSC concept introduced in the USA market back in 2022, there's a sense of anticipation surrounding its imminent debut on August 10th, 2023. While Indonesia takes center stage for its grand reveal, it's important to explore the key features and potential market positioning of this vehicle.

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Segment and Competition

Positioned in the B-SUV segment, the Mitsubishi XFC will find itself in direct competition with a slew of formidable names such as the Honda HRV, Toyota Corolla Cross, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and MG ZS. These models have already garnered substantial popularity among USA consumers, setting the stage for a competitive showdown.

Dimensions and Comparisons:

The XFC boasts dimensions of 4,390mm in length, 1,810mm in width, and 1,660mm in height, while the ground clearance stands at a commendable 222mm. However, the wheelbase length remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation. In comparison, the Honda HRV 2020 spans 4,330mm in length, 1,790mm in width, and 1,590mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,610mm and a ground clearance of 196mm. Hyundai Creta measures 4,315mm in length, 1,790mm in width, and 1,660mm in height, sporting a wheelbase identical to the HRV, yet featuring a slightly larger ground clearance of 200mm. Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla Cross reaches 4,460mm in length, 1,825mm in width, and 1,620mm in height, supported by a wheelbase of 2,640mm and a ground clearance of 161mm. Kia Seltos showcases dimensions of 4,315mm in length, 1,800mm in width, and 1,645mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,610mm and a ground clearance of 190mm. The Mitsubishi XFC holds a shorter overall length than the Corolla Cross, one of USA's current top-selling models, yet boasts the best ground clearance in its segment.

Exterior Design and Features:

From what has been unveiled, the XFC sports a design reminiscent of the Outlander Sport previously available in USA. However, distinguishing itself with novel design elements like LED headlights forming the letter "T," a unique grille, and a front bumper that exudes a bold presence. While the imagery released showcases the highest trim level, details regarding standard and lower-tier trims remain undisclosed. Expectations are that these trims might sport halogen headlights and a more understated exterior design.

The XFC commercial version echoes several design cues from its concept counterpart, with features such as the distinctive "T" LED taillights, a large rear bumper, underbody skid plates at the front and rear, and a shark-fin antenna—all coordinating harmoniously with the exterior paint scheme. The elegant rear spoiler complements the high-mount brake light, contributing to a sporty appearance. However, exact details about the interior remain under wraps, generating anticipation for its grand reveal.

Interior Features:

Although specifics of the interior remain confidential, glimpses suggest a touchscreen infotainment system gracing the central dashboard, likely measuring around 12.3 inches and surrounded by a black border that extends to the digital instrument cluster. The cabin will likely be swathed in a combination of fabric and suede materials, aiming to evoke a sense of luxury. Notably, the vehicle is equipped with a new premium Yamaha audio system, comprising speakers on the A-pillars and dashboard.

Performance and Powertrain:

Under the hood of the XFC, a 1.5-liter inline-4 petrol engine harmonizes with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and front-wheel-drive configuration. Although specific engine details are still forthcoming, Mitsubishi has alluded to a versatile driving experience across various terrains.

Pricing and Availability:

As the automotive world eagerly awaits the unveiling at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2023 on August 10th, the XFC's pricing remains a mystery. However, based on the prevailing market trends, it's plausible that the commercial XFC might be positioned competitively, potentially rivaling the Kia Seltos in terms of pricing. The full-option trim is anticipated to fetch around $15.000, while the lower variants could range from $13.000 to $17.000.

In the end, the 2024 Mitsubishi XFC holds the promise of a new contender in the USA automotive landscape. With its distinctive design, potential for innovative features, and competitive pricing, it's poised to captivate the attention of consumers and enthusiasts alike. The road ahead will undoubtedly reveal the full scope of what this vehicle has to offer. Stay tuned for more information following its international debut, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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