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Comprehensive Review: Exploring the New Features of the 2024 Ford Expedition

The 2024 Ford Expedition is on the horizon, bringing with it a slew of updates and changes that are sure to excite SUV enthusiasts. As the order guides are set to be released soon, let's delve into the details of what the 2024 Expedition has in store. This review will highlight the key modifications and additions that make the new model year stand out.

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Color Variations and Visual Enhancements

Ford is introducing some fresh color options for the 2024 Expedition, while also discontinuing a few shades. The Infinite Blue Metallic Tinted Clear Coat, previously available, won't be making an appearance in the 2024 lineup. Additionally, Forged Green, a color that adorned the 2023 Expedition, will be replaced by the intriguing Wild Green hue. Although visuals are subjective, these color updates offer enthusiasts new choices to express their personal style.

Blue Cruise Availability and Navigation Options

The 2024 Expedition introduces the Blue Cruise trial feature to the Platinum Edition. This advanced driver-assist system provides a hands-free driving experience on prequalified sections of divided highways. You now also have the option to pre-purchase a three-year subscription for Blue Cruise at the time of ordering. This is a significant step towards enhancing the driving experience and safety of the Expedition.

Regarding navigation, Ford is streamlining the offerings. Previously, there were two navigation options – connected navigation and built-in connected. Now, Ford has consolidated these into a single option: connected navigation. This will provide one year of subscription-free navigation services, followed by the option to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

Wheel and Tow Hook Enhancements

For those who appreciate customization, the 20-inch Sparkle Silver Aluminum Wheels, once exclusive to 4x4 models, will now be available on 2WD Expeditions as well. This expanded choice gives buyers more flexibility in tailoring their vehicles to their preferences.

The inclusion of tow hooks on Expeditions was tied to 4x4 models in the past. However, this year, the front tow hooks will require the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package in addition to the 4x4 configuration. This could impact off-road enthusiasts and those who frequently need to tow.

Interior and Comfort Updates

A noteworthy change in the second row of the 2024 Expedition involves USB ports behind the console. These USB-A ports are being replaced by USB-C ports, which align with modern connectivity standards and offer faster data transfer and charging speeds.

Excursion Package for Limited 302A

One of the more exciting additions to the 2024 Expedition lineup is the introduction of the Excursion package. This package is available on the Limited 302A trim for 4x4 Expeditions. It includes a heavy-duty trailer tow package, the continuously controlled damping suspension with suspension road preview, advanced cargo management system, floor liners for the first and second rows, and black crossbars for roof rack rails. This package enhances the overall utility and capability of the Expedition and is expected to provide a more refined driving experience.

Price Adjustments and Ordering Information

It's essential to note that price adjustments are expected across different trim levels. While Ford has announced approximate figures, the final pricing will be available once the official build and price tool is released. To secure the best deal, it's wise to engage with dealerships that offer price protection, ensure transparency about add-ons, and provide valuable information about financing and incentives.

The 2024 Ford Expedition continues to be a flagship offering in the SUV segment, combining power, style, and modern features. As order banks open and the production cycle begins, consumers will have the chance to experience these enhancements firsthand. Whether you're seeking adventure, family functionality, or a blend of both, the 2024 Expedition aims to provide a compelling solution.

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