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Detailed Review of the VinFast VF e34 Electric Car: The Genesis of Vietnam's Electric Automobile

The VinFast VF e34 electric car, Vietnam's first product in the electric vehicle sector, is making a strong impression in the automotive world. Recently, this car has been extensively presented in a real-world video produced by the XEHAY.VN channel on YouTube, providing an in-depth review of the design, features, and overall performance of the VF e34.

Exterior Design and Initial Impression

I was genuinely surprised by the initial size and design of the VF e34. Contrary to my initial expectations of a smaller car, the VF e34 appears much larger and more impressive when seen in person. The host emphasizes the crossover design of the car, which brings a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The front of the VF e34 features unique V-shaped LED headlights and the VinFast logo, contributing to the distinctive and recognizable features of the car. This V shape is also applied at the rear, where the taillights also follow this design language. Overall, the exterior design combines modernity and allure, with attention given to every curve and line.

Interior Style and Technology

Stepping inside the VF e34, I appreciated the comfort of the seats, highlighting their softness and support. I also praised the spaciousness of the interior, dispelling any initial concerns about the car's size. The dashboard with a large touchscreen becomes the central control hub for various functions and information.

A standout feature of the VF e34's interior is its advanced virtual assistant technology. I demonstrated its capabilities, including weather updates and navigation assistance, all controlled through voice commands. This system, combined with Mobifone's connectivity, allows users to access various features seamlessly.

Performance and Driving Experience

The review emphasizes the VF e34's driving performance, focusing on the front-mounted electric motor delivering 147 horsepower and impressive torque. The video also showcases the car's fast charging capability, covering 180 kilometers in just 18 minutes of charging.

Although the review doesn't delve into the engine details and driving experience extensively, the host mentions the suitability of the VF e34 for daily city driving. Its quick acceleration and convenient charging options make it an attractive choice for urban commuters.

Conclusion and Implications

The reviewer concludes the video by expressing pride in Vietnam's achievement of producing its first electric car. The VF e34 is praised for its design, advanced technology, and practicality. The notable features of the virtual assistant and connectivity options are significant advancements within the car's package.

In summary, the VinFast VF e34 leaves a positive impression on the reviewer, representing a promising electric vehicle option for the Vietnamese market. The real-world review clearly highlights the car's strengths and sets the stage for more in-depth analyses in upcoming videos.

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