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Honda BR-V 2023: Honda Sensing on All Trims, Starting at $27,819

The 2023 Honda BR-V comes equipped with numerous features and enhancements compared to its previous versions. A notable highlight is that all variants of the 2023 BR-V are equipped with Honda Sensing, including safety features such as collision warning, automatic braking, lane-keeping assistance, and more. However, the starting price of $27,819 might be a consideration for potential buyers.

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Exterior Design:

The exterior design of the 2023 Honda BR-V maintains the style of a compact SUV/MPV. The vehicle's lines bear the recognizable Honda identity, with a front grille similar to other models from the brand.

Newly designed headlights and taillights contribute to a modern and sporty appearance.

The G variant features attractive 17-inch alloy wheels.

Interior and Amenities:

The interior of the 2023 BR-V emphasizes practicality, focusing on storage capacity and passenger comfort.

The second-row seats have flexible folding capabilities, creating a spacious storage area.

Interior air conditioning is adequate and capable of meeting passenger needs.

Engine and Performance:

The 2023 Honda BR-V is powered by a 1.5L engine generating 119 horsepower. This engine is familiar within the Honda lineup and is known for its strong performance and fuel efficiency.

The CVT transmission paired with the 1.5L engine provides stable and versatile operational performance in various scenarios.

Safety and Technology:

A standout feature of the 2023 BR-V is the inclusion of Honda Sensing across all variants. This provides automated safety features such as collision warnings, automatic braking, and lane-keeping assistance, enhancing safety during driving.

The central entertainment screen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, adding convenience to the in-car entertainment experience.

Price and Competitiveness:

The starting price of $27,819 could be a significant factor to consider, especially when comparing with competitors in the segment.

However, the inclusion of Honda Sensing on all trims could be a major advantage when considering the safety and convenience value offered to buyers.


The 2023 Honda BR-V represents a noteworthy improvement over its predecessors, with the inclusion of Honda Sensing across all variants as a standout feature. The exterior and interior design continue to embody Honda's signature style, providing practicality and comfort for passengers. The engine and transmission offer stable performance and fuel efficiency. While the starting price of $27,819 might be higher than some rivals, the features and safety that the vehicle offers could make it an appealing choice for those prioritizing safety and convenience.

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