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Review VinFast VF5 Plus: Spacious, 300km Range, with Some Shortcomings

The VinFast VF5 Plus is VinFast's newest entry into the electric vehicle scene, targeting the compact car audience. In this review, we'll dissect the VF5 Plus, shedding light on its attributes, aesthetics, and on-road capabilities.

Diving into its exterior, the VF5 Plus impresses with its stylish chrome finishes and streamlined aesthetics. That said, some design elements, like the rear drum brakes, might seem outdated for those familiar with modern B-segment and SUV offerings.

Inside, the VF5 Plus promises a cozy environment with sufficient space for legs and overall seating comfort. However, taller passengers might find the seating height somewhat restrictive, which can be cumbersome on extended drives.

A standout feature of the VF5 Plus is its commendable electric mileage. Boasting up to 300 kilometers on one charge, it surpasses several peers in the EV domain, making it apt for everyday commuting and shorter journeys. However, actual range can fluctuate depending on driving dynamics.

On the tech front, the car is furnished with an 8-inch entertainment display and a 7-inch digital dashboard. The entertainment system is feature-rich, but some might find the controls a tad tiny and not as intuitive as one might hope.

Driving the VF5 Plus is generally enjoyable. Its lone electric motor churns out approximately 136 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque, ensuring satisfactory acceleration and power transfer. Nonetheless, a more refined suspension would enhance ride comfort, particularly on bumpy terrains.

A significant highlight of the VF5 Plus is its affordability angle. With a battery lease plan at $67.35 monthly, the total ownership expense begins at a competitive $20,000. Choosing to buy the battery elevates the cost to $23,000, still making it a value proposition in its class.

However, the VF5 Plus isn't without its drawbacks. Absences like auto windshield wipers and power-assisted steering adjustments might leave some prospects yearning for more features at its price tier.

To wrap up, the VinFast VF5 Plus brings a strong combination of roomy interiors, noteworthy electric mileage, and aggressive pricing. While it scores in several departments, areas like the braking system and some absent amenities need reevaluation. It's evident that while the VF5 Plus is a progressive move for VinFast, some tweaks could enhance its position in the market.

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