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Tesla Model X Plaid 2023 Review: Unveiling the True 0-60mph Acceleration!

The Tesla Model X Plaid 2023 is a remarkable electric vehicle that combines size, speed, and futuristic features. Reminiscent of the iconic XB-70 Valkyrie nuclear bomber, this car's imposing presence and astonishing performance are bound to turn heads. In this comprehensive review, we delve into every facet of the Model X Plaid 2023, from its exterior design to interior comfort, practicality, driving experience, and, of course, its real-world 0-60mph acceleration. I'm Matt Watson, and welcome to this detailed exploration of the Tesla Model X Plaid 2023 on Carl Wow Buy Sell Car Wow.

Exterior Design:

The Model X Plaid 2023 boasts a minimalist exterior design that speaks of its modern electric nature. With notable features like the retractable spoiler and the Plaid badge, it's clear that this is a high-performance variant. Its egg-shaped body and large alloy wheels contribute to its aerodynamic stance, reflecting its futuristic capabilities. Unlike traditional legacy car manufacturers, Tesla has confidently shunned the conventional grille, symbolizing its unique identity in the automotive landscape.

Interior Features and Design:

Stepping inside, the Model X Plaid 2023 welcomes you with a minimalist and typically Tesla interior. The design is elegant, with material quality generally being satisfactory. However, there are instances where build quality and fit and finish could use some improvement. The user interface revolves around the central screen, which controls most functions. While the screen is highly responsive, the minimalistic approach can sometimes result in an added layer of complexity to operate essential features.

Practicality and Comfort:

The interior offers ample storage solutions, including door bins, cup holders, and a sliding storage compartment. Wireless charging pads and USB-C ports enhance the convenience factor. The large windscreen offers a panoramic view, providing an extraordinary sense of space and openness. Rear passenger space varies based on the seating configuration, but generally, it offers comfortable seating and an array of entertainment features.

Driving Experience:

Driving the Model X Plaid 2023 around urban settings reveals its impressive visibility and agility, despite its large size. The one-pedal driving feature adds to the ease of operation. The noise-canceling technology in the audio system ensures a serene cabin experience. The suspension, adaptive damping, and air suspension contribute to a smooth and controlled ride. The Plaid's dual-motor setup enables swift acceleration and enhanced cornering traction.

Performance and Acceleration:

The true highlight of the Model X Plaid 2023 is its acceleration prowess. Accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 2.82 seconds (verified through non-one-foot rollout timing) is nothing short of exhilarating. The Plaid's instant throttle response and powerful motors result in a breathtaking experience, defying the expectations of a vehicle its size. Its regenerative braking system is effective, but downhill descents can pose challenges for the brakes.


In conclusion, the Tesla Model X Plaid 2023 is a remarkable electric SUV that seamlessly blends futuristic design, innovative features, and blistering acceleration. While it has some areas for improvement in terms of build quality and handling characteristics, its overall package is impressive. If you're considering a high-performance electric SUV with advanced technology and an unmatched 0-60mph acceleration experience, the Model X Plaid 2023 should certainly be on your shortlist. Whether you're aiming for practicality or seeking the thrill of speed, the Model X Plaid 2023 offers a unique proposition in the electric vehicle market.

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