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The stock price of VinFast (VFS) is expected to continue increasing in the future.

VinFast's stock (VFS) attracted market attention as it surged to an impressive $37 in its debut trading session. This phenomenon has generated significant curiosity from both investors and market observers. Below are several factors that could explain why VinFast's VFS stock experienced a substantial increase in its initial trading session.

1. Stock Quantity and Trading Volume:

VinFast issued a total of 2.7 billion shares. In the first trading session, the trading volume was approximately 6 million shares, and it decreased to about 5 million shares on the second day. Although the trading volume may seem modest, it's noteworthy that the proportion of shares traded on the first day accounted for around 0.3% of the total share structure, creating a scarcity of VFS shares.

2. Interest in VinFast:

VinFast's listing on the Nasdaq has garnered significant interest from the investment community. The expectations and interest from both investors and consumers created an imbalanced supply-demand situation, leading to the stock price exceeding the market's initial expectations.

3. Future Development Potential:

In the global context of transitioning to electric vehicles and other green technologies, VinFast as an automotive brand is presented with a substantial opportunity for growth and expansion. The potential of the company to produce and distribute electric vehicles and clean-energy-driven cars has stimulated high expectations from investors, generating pressure to drive the stock price higher.

4. Limited Circulation of Shares:

A crucial factor in the stock price surge is the scarcity of VinFast shares in the market. With a relatively low number of circulating shares, competition to acquire shares has driven the stock price higher.


In conclusion, VinFast's VFS stock experienced a significant increase in its debut trading session primarily due to the considerable interest and expectations from investors regarding the company's future development potential. The scarcity factor of circulating shares also played a vital role in creating upward pressure on the stock price. However, stock price fluctuations may persist and depend on various factors in the future.

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