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Unveiling the 2023 Ford Focus: Redefining Compact Excellence

The 2023 Ford Focus has undergone several updates to regain its competitive edge in a market increasingly dominated by SUVs. While not a completely new model, the Focus receives various design changes, tech enhancements, and engine updates to keep up with evolving consumer preferences. Let's break down the key aspects of the review.

Exterior Design:

The exterior design of the 2023 Ford Focus sees a few cosmetic changes. The rear end retains a neat and tidy appearance, while the new tail lights add a unique illuminated loop effect. The front grille is slightly larger, and the badge has been moved from the bonnet to the grille, giving the car a more imposing presence. The overall design changes are subtle but enhance the car's visual appeal.

Interior and Infotainment:

The most significant update inside the Focus is the new infotainment screen featuring Ford's latest Sync 4 system, shared with the Mustang Mach-E. While the infotainment system can be a bit laggy at times, it offers features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. One drawback is that climate control settings that were previously operated using physical knobs are now accessible through the touchscreen, which may not be as convenient.

Interior Quality and Space:

The interior design and quality of materials are generally decent. The dashboard features squishy materials that convey a sense of expense, and the doors are softly padded in key areas. However, as you move further down, some areas feel scratchy and less substantial. The cabin offers good storage options, including door bins with felt lining to prevent rattling.


The 2023 Ford Focus provides satisfactory practicality for its class. The back seat offers decent knee and foot space, while headroom may be compromised if you opt for the panoramic glass roof. The trunk capacity is 392 liters, comparable to a Volkswagen Golf but smaller than a Skoda Octavia. The foldable rear seats allow for expanded cargo space, and the boot floor has been raised to eliminate the ridge that previously hindered loading.

Driving Experience:

On the road, the Focus offers a comfortable ride, especially with the normal suspension setup. The stiffer suspension in sportier versions doesn't compromise comfort significantly. The engine choices include two turbocharged petrol options, one with 125 horsepower and another with 155 horsepower. These engines, available with manual or automatic transmissions, provide adequate performance but can suffer from turbo lag. The hybrid system aids in regenerating energy while braking.

Driving Dynamics:

The Ford Focus excels on twisty country roads, offering balanced handling, sharp steering, and ample grip. The St-line suspension setup enhances its prowess on bends and makes it a joy to drive enthusiastically. However, the engine's turbo lag can be a drawback, especially when needing quick power in tight corners.


  • Balanced and enjoyable driving dynamics, especially on twisty roads.
  • Subtle exterior design changes enhance the car's appearance.
  • New infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Comfortable interior with decent space and practical storage options.
  • Stiffened suspension in sportier versions maintains comfort and handling.


  • Turbo lag in certain driving scenarios.
  • Some features, like reversing camera, require additional payment.
  • Changes to climate control interface might not be as intuitive.
  • Engine lineup may lack standout performance options.
  • Lack of standard reversing camera on all trims.


The 2023 Ford Focus is a solid contender in the compact car segment, offering improved design, updated technology, and enhanced driving dynamics. While it may not revolutionize the market, its balanced overall package, practicality, and enjoyable driving experience make it a worthwhile option for those seeking a versatile daily driver or family car. Consider shortlisting the Focus if you value a combination of comfort, performance, and subtle but effective updates.

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