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2024 Toyota YarisCross vs. Raize vs. Corolla Cross: Size Comparison Review

Toyota Motor Philippines has introduced its newest crossover, the Yaris Cross. This video aimed to provide a size comparison of the Yaris Cross with two of its closest siblings, the Raize and the Corolla Cross.

Toyota Raize:

Size Dimensions:

  • Length: 4030 mm
  • Width: 1710 mm
  • Height: 1605 mm

    Ground Clearance: 200 mm (highest among the three)

Engine Options:

  • 1-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline
  •  1.2-liter naturally aspirated 3-cylinder

 Transmission: Both engines paired with a CVT.

Pricing: Ranges from $13,219 (base variant) to $18,500 (top-spec turbo).

Cabin Space: Adequate space for its category. Two large passengers at the back might feel cramped. Trunk space can fit a large piece of luggage and some small items.

Toyota Corolla Cross:

Size Dimensions:

  • Length: 4460 mm
  • Width: 1825 mm
  • Height: 1620 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 161 mm

Engine Options:

  • 1.8-liter gasoline
  • Hybrid setup (1.8-liter engine, electric motor, and battery)

Pricing: The highest GRS trim priced at $32,459.

Cabin Space: More spacious than the Raize. Rear seats offer reasonable legroom and more significant headroom. The trunk is more substantial than the Raize and can easily fit three large pieces of luggage.

Toyota Yaris Cross:

Size Dimensions:

  • Length: 4310 mm
  • Width: 1770 mm
  • Height: 1615 mm

Ground Clearance: Not specified during the review.

Engine Options:

  • 1.5-liter gasoline
  • Hybrid system (1.5-liter engine, battery, and electric motor)

Pricing: Ranges from $21,105 to $28.129

Cabin Space: Similar to the Corolla Cross in terms of passenger comfort. The trunk is slightly smaller than the Corolla Cross but comes with a tonneau cover.


Each of these three crossovers offers something unique. While the Raize is the smallest, it offers the highest ground clearance. The Corolla Cross, being the largest, provides the most cargo space. The Yaris Cross sits comfortably in between, offering a balanced combination of features from both its siblings. While size is an essential factor, engine options and price tags will play a crucial role in the buying decision. A more in-depth review of the Yaris Cross is awaited to provide a holistic understanding of its offerings.

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