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VinFast Commences Trading on Nasdaq with Ticker Symbols "VFS" and "VFSWW" on August 15th

VinFast has officially overcome the final barrier to complete its merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) and list on the Nasdaq stock market. According to the latest information, VinFast will start trading on the Nasdaq exchange on August 15th using the ticker symbols "VFS" and "VFSWW".

Shareholders of Black Spade Acquisition Company ($BSAQ) voted in favor of the merger with VinFast, paving the way for the Nasdaq listing. This marks a significant milestone in VinFast's journey towards becoming a publicly traded company in the United States.

Since submitting the initial paperwork to the SEC in December of the previous year, VinFast has been working with partner Blade Spade to secure approval for the SPAC merger. This process has concluded successfully, allowing VinFast to prepare for its public listing scheduled for tomorrow.

The company announced that following the approved business combination, Blade Spade is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of VinFast. Consequently, Blade Spade will be delisted from the NYSE.

VinFast will officially commence trading on the Nasdaq exchange with ticker symbols "VFS" and "VFSWW" on August 15th. This marks a significant step in VinFast's development in the U.S. stock market and ushers in a new phase for the Vietnamese electric car manufacturer.

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