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Comprehensive Review of the Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI: Is It Worth Buying?

In this detailed review, we'll delve into the long-term experience of owning and driving the Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI. With over three years and 30,000 miles of usage, the reviewer provides insights into various aspects of the car, from its performance and design to its reliability and overall value for money.

Design and Space:

The Audi Q2's design might not have been an instant hit, but the boxy shape and sharp angles have grown on the reviewer over time. The car's distinct design offers more interior space than expected, positioning it between the A1 and A3 in terms of size. The compact exterior belies the surprisingly spacious interior, making it suitable for small families or individuals who value comfort and practicality. The reviewer highlights the functional and attractive interior design that is a hallmark of Audi.

Performance and Driving Experience:

The Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI proves to be versatile in terms of its performance. While it's not intended to be a sports car, its handling is competent and enjoyable. The suspension strikes a balance between stiffness and comfort, ensuring a smooth ride over various terrains. The car's size doesn't limit its ability to handle corners well, and despite a bit of roll, it feels stable. The Drive Select feature allows the driver to tweak the car's behavior, enhancing responsiveness and agility. The 144-horsepower engine delivers adequate power, enabling decent acceleration, especially considering the car's family-oriented purpose.

Engine and Turbo Lag:

The 1.4 TFSI engine showcases both strengths and weaknesses. The engine likes to be revved, offering robust power once the turbo kicks in. However, there is a noticeable turbo lag at lower revs, which can be frustrating, particularly in situations that require quick acceleration. The reviewer demonstrates that the lag is especially evident in lower gears and lower rev ranges, but it's manageable once accustomed to the car's characteristics.

Transmission and Fuel Economy:

Equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the Audi Q2's transmission proves to be smooth and efficient. The gear changes are light and precise, contributing to a pleasant driving experience. The reviewer highlights the car's ability to achieve impressive fuel economy figures, especially when driven with a light foot on the highway. The engine's ability to run on two cylinders when cruising helps save fuel without sacrificing performance.


Over the course of three years and 30,000 miles, the Audi Q2 exhibits a decent level of reliability. The reviewer experienced only a few minor issues, such as a rubber joint in the front suspension needing replacement and a washer pump failure. While these were addressed promptly, the overall reliability is praised, with the car requiring regular maintenance without any major problems.


The Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI proves to be a worthy option for those seeking a compact SUV that offers a balance between comfort, practicality, and performance. While it may not be the most powerful or sporty vehicle in its segment, it excels as a family car with its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and decent fuel efficiency. The occasional turbo lag might take some getting used to, but overall, the Q2 offers a well-rounded driving experience. With its relatively good reliability track record, the Audi Q2 presents a strong case for being a valuable choice for those in search of a reliable and versatile compact SUV.

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